Individually united

herrliche_aussichten_netzwerk   We are an agile network of experienced coaches and consultants - differing in our focus areas and industry experience. Each of us being a distinct personality we are united by a shared set of values, our systemic approach and our excellent educational background. As Executive Coaches we live up to our title: Executive (experienced leaders) and Coaches (certified systemic consultants).

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Herrliche Aussichten.

Herrliche Aussichten - our claim reflects our fundamental belief in a positive future. We regard ourselves as catalysts for personal and professional growth - enabling sustainable development. Through our work, we support individuals and organizations to unlock their potential using their inner resources to reach exceptional performance. Our approach is systemic - we always keep in sight the big picture - helping our clients to find new, sometimes even surprising, insights and solutions to their challenges.

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Local Roots - Global Reach

herrliche_aussichten_international We chose to place our headquarters off the beaten track. Rather than working from the hustle and bustle of a vibrant metropolis we are anchored in the middle of nature. Here, in the heart of the Eifel National Park we experience calmness and inspiration. A source for clear thinking and fresh ideas. The calmness, authenticity and down-to-earth quality of our environment shape our actions. Thanks to global projects and an agile network, we stay scientifically up-to-date.

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Scientifically sound

We base our work on scientifically validated instruments and applying state-of-the-art theories and models from leading business schools. Our consultants are certified in the instruments they apply - continuously investing in their own professional development. In our workshops and coachings we use instruments such as MBTI, FIRO-B, 16PF, DiSC, OPQ32 or TKI.